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All of our bookkeeping services are done using Sage Line 50 or Excel spreadsheets, but if you already have your own software we will be happy to continue using that or even enter everything into manual ledgers, if that is your preference.





If using our Sage Line 50 we can also do your invoicing - adding your own logo if required.

These can then be emailed to your customers and followed up each month with a statement. It is always a good idea to keep on top of this because the sooner you get your invoices out

the sooner you get paid for them.



Bank Reconciliations:


Ensures nothing is missed and every transaction is recorded correctly. Don't forget to keep track of every penny you spend solely for your business. Expenses bring your profit down.

Less profit = less tax to pay.



Cash Book:


A record of every receipt and payment you have made.



General Ledger:


The general ledger contains the summary of all transactions needed to prepare end-of-period financial statements. This ledger provides the basis for preparation of the company profit/loss statement and, finally, the balance sheet.



VAT Returns:


Your vat return calculated and submitted. (Unfortunately you will have to pay your own vat!)



Sales & Purchase Ledgers


Control accounts record customer payments received and supplier payments made.

They enable you to see at a glance how much your customers owe you and how much you owe to your suppliers. Individual customer records allow you to see which invoices are overdue and require chasing up. Individual supplier records allow you to see which suppliers are due for payment. All this helps you to keep your cashflow running smoothly.



All accounts prepared to trial balance:


A list of every seperate account in the general ledger.

All accounts have either a debit or a credit balance and both these columns should be of equal value.



Profit and Loss / Balance sheet:


This report takes the total amount of income less all expenses and gives you a net profit or loss.

Balance sheet- a summary of your businesses assets and liabilities.



We can collect and return at a time to suit you (evenings and weekends no problem) or you can deliver and collect. We work remotely so you can scan and email everything or pop everything into the post, the decision is yours!



We always remember that this is your business and you make the decisions. Therefore, you decide how little or how much of your bookkeeping you would like us to do.

Work can be done weekly, monthly, quarterly or just in a one off contract to balance and bring your accounts up to date.